Friday, October 29, 2010

Gone for so long...

Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for so long. I've been busy with stuff in my life and haven't had the time to update my blog! I know, it's been like... exactly a month now, and I'm quite disappointed that I didn't update it for such a while.

Any-who, Black Ops news, Josh Olin explains to us why they have taken out quickscoping. For those who don't know: Sleight of Hand Pro cannot be used with a sniper rifle, you cannot line up the crosshairs and get an accurate shot anymore (when zooming in, the center isn't where the middle of the crosshairs was), and also Josh basically calls quickscoping "a cheap alternative to get kills."

Here are some quotes from him:

Anyone who Quickscopes will say automatics are easier; that’s human nature when defending a point. More importantly is the irrelevance of this point. It doesn’t detract from how frustrating and annoying it is for every other player when a quickscoper who has crosshairs taped to his TV screen can Left-Trigger, Right-Trigger before the scope is even fully visible on the screen...  

Think of it like this: for every one Quickscoper, there’s an entire team of angry players who find it annoying. “Cheap” is just another synonym often used to describe this frustration. It’s unreasonable to ask them to “suck it up” just so this tiny community of quickscopers (by comparison to the global community of players) can have their fun.

Well, notice how he says "tiny community" in the last quote? He couldn't be more wrong. If you join a game mode- any game mode for this matter, at least *2 out of 5 people are quickscoping. It's just a fun thing to do, and you always get that "OMGWTFBBQ" reaction when you quickscope-wall bang that one guy camping the building with claymores and what not.

Well, about 12 more days until Black Ops; looks like I'm camping out in front of Futureshop on the 8th >=)

* I actually did do a survey when I was playing mw2 by running around looking at people (S&D, a couple games of TD, Demolition, and Headquarters. All other game modes are for homos. (Just kidding, i love you.))


  1. i can't wait for black ops either!

  2. Awesome! Black ops is gonna be soo good! Attack dogs are back..

  3. sweet blog... Only 10 days now :)

  4. shame you need nice ping to quickscope

  5. Have fun camping out lol, I'll be doing the same.

  6. I liked the coverage on quickscoping. Personally I think everything thats legal within the rules of the game is fair. That said, I am sometimes disapointed when the game's programming and design allows for loop-holes.

  7. life > blog
    you're in the right path

  8. Haha I remember people doing that for CS. I just no scope, who needs to zoom in?!!?!

  9. Great post dude, should give my blog a look tho, feel free to leave comments on things i could imporve or things you like.

  10. Blog>life lol jklove the blog tho

  11. Thanks guys for your interest in my blog!

    Your interest in my blog helps motivate me to update it more often with awesome (well, excluding the "no more quickscoping update"...) posts!

    -Mr. Blogger