Saturday, September 4, 2010

Black Ops Multiplayer gameplay! "Gun Game"

As you know, the Black Ops Multiplayer reveal happened a couple days ago where they showed some basic stuff from the game... Well it looks good so far! Here is some gameplay from Machinima diector, SeaNanners, playing a new Free For All game mode, called "Gun Game", where you have 20 tiers of guns, and you have to get a kill with each gun starting at tier 1. If you die, however, you go back a tier. (That sounds awesome!)

*Note, gameplay of Black Ops got taken down from SeaNanners channel So I had to find a copy of it somewhere else, sorry for the quality.

This is Part 1!

This is Part 2!

Here is also some gameplay from Hutch, playing Team Deathmatch:

 Here is Part 1!

Here is Part 2!

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