Saturday, September 4, 2010

Game modes so far...

Well of course there is Team Deathmatch, but then there is also 4 special FFA modes:

This came from Will Tuttle, of
"One in the Chamber: Playing a one gun, one bullet, one shot kill game may not sound like a lot of fun, but it was actually a blast when I played with a bunch of people who were just as crappy as I was. It basically turned into a stabfest since we usually all missed, although after a few games I was able to get a few kills before running out of my three allotted lives.

Sticks and Stones: Explosive-tipped crossbow bolts and ballistic knives are awesome in their own right, but adding a combat tomahawk that will automatically bankrupt the chopped victim is downright ridiculous. I'm terrified to think of how badly I'll be schooled in this mode a few weeks after Black Ops is out.

Sharpshooter Everyone starts with the same weapon and plays with it for a set period of time. Once the clock strikes zero, all of the players switch to a new random weapon. It's a nice way to experiment with a variety of weapons, but it doesn't hold a candle to my favorite of the Wager Matches...

Gun Game: Playing a few matches of Gun Game in a row was the highlight of my time with Black Ops. Starting out with just a pistol, I was able to make my way up 20 "tiers" of weapons spanning a big chunk of the game's arsenal with each kill I racked up. The first person to get a kill with each weapon wins, but there's a clever little twist, as melee killing someone with my knife knocked them down a tier. This actually balanced the mode quite nicely, as it felt like it gave unskilled (but lucky) players a chance to get a kill and hurt the competition."

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